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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffster View Post
    I don't believe this is true at all. I consider myself successful and I don't have a college degree. My older brother makes twice as much as me, works at home and gets to work with video games for a living, and he doesn't have a college degree either. And there's plenty of other examples. It just depends on what you want to pursue.
    I want a career in photomanipulation, so I think.

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    I attended college in my youth and majored in partying. After I received my AA degree (not alcoholics anon.) in libral arts I went to business school and became a legal secretary. I've been a stay home mom for the past 14 years and now have returned to college majoring in Psychology with a career in counseling as my current goal. I am much more interested in different subjects at mid life and find lectures not as difficult to attend to as I did 20+ years ago.

    If college is not for you try technical or trade school. Any of the healthcare fields is a wise choice too. Good luck!

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    Like others said, find something that is important to you. Something that is important to you, something you can make money at, something you can be good at.

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