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    Yay! they can tripply get their asses kicked then! (and probably a combination of you guys and me would really draw out ALL of the freaks!)

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    In a relationship, I would never think of it, although my avatar might lead you to think otherwise. At school or work I have no problem with cheating, which drives my INFJ partner crazy.
    Chazz: You're living in the past, Sammi. Me and the Woodland Fairies, we're living in the HERE and NOW.

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    I've never been in a committed relationship. As far as I am concerned I have never cheated. I have been the "other woman" before (twice) but not intentionally. It was a little weird getting a phone call at 1am from a woman telling me to, "stay the hell away from my man!" Her voice was cracking and she sounded pretty heartbroken. I hope to never be in a situation like this again.

    Now I have cheated on tests before. The last time this happened I was 14 years old. I forgot what happened but I decided that cheating was kind of messed up because it took away from the grade another person got from actually studying. Never cheated again. I'll let someone copy off my test if I'm doing really badly because I find it funny. Nothing funnier than taking a few hapless bastards down with me! hehe.

    I wouldn't cheat if I was involved with someone and we had decided to be monogamous. I'd have a really REALLY difficult time if my partner decided all the sudden to cut off supplies. If my needs weren't being met (and it wasn't due to physical distance or illness,) I would just leave rather than cheat. If there were kids involved I'd suck it up and invest in some quality toys. If my partner cheated on me I'd only stay if there were kids involved.

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    Nothing's wrong with cheating. The way I see it is if I cheat or someone cheats then that person they're currently in a relationship wasn't fit for them in the first place. Bill CLinton cheated on his wife, it's obvious he's not that into her, no hard feelings sometimes people get married/into relationships for social approval. When I was younger I would shrug my shoulders if someone left me, now that I'm older now I really want to be with someone for a longer term but I'm a lot more pickier.

    I would never go for a hooker or an escort if you're thinking of that. When I love someone, they are #1 until they do something wrong and never fix it up.

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