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    Quote Originally Posted by Halla74 View Post
    Like playing doctor?
    But on the Internet?
    Something like that. I miss the Big Boys Toys show in NZ

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kingfisher View Post
    instead of SP Central it should just be called what it is - Awesome Central.

    That robosaurus must be an admin and run around and engulf trolls in flames. This is not optional.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfy View Post
    Something like that. I miss the Big Boys Toys show in NZ
    That looks like an AWESOME event Wolfy. Yet another nice find.
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    Default Do any other SPs get pissed the hell off on this forum?

    Nah, everyone loves me.
    Act your age not your enneagram number.

    Quinlan's Creations

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    Well,'re Brad Pitt.

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    Hahaha! Come on, do people really take this place that seriously? Just remember that the only person who knows you is you. If somebody thinks they know better, prove 'em wrong.

    Really, who are we? Just a bunch of people with computers and some books, that's all. We can use these resources how we like, but nobody really knows anything for sure. Making huge generalisations about people (we call them 'types') based on these resources can be humorous and insightful, or they can be divisive and hateful. Just don't take it too seriously and you'll be fine.
    Let us not rail about justice as long as we have arms and the freedom to use them.
    - Duke Leto Atreides

    Because random people I meet on the internet are the best judges of my personality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McRumi View Post
    I'm very stereotypically ISTP in my line of work...and people are always SHOCKED to find out I have a master's degree in Latin and philosophy.

    One thing I have discovered is that Europeans accept, if not expect, that a person pursue a variety of interests and activities. Americans find that upsetting and demand a singular can't be an athlete and a artist and a successful business person...a poet and a car mechanic...or all of them combined.

    We Americans are in some ways the most conventional and rigid of peoples.
    This right here just cleared alot of stuff for me up.
    For the longest time I wondered why everyone around has 1 thing they put their whole hearts into. They go to college for that 1 thing and never have any problems with deciding what they want from life.
    But I have this problem because i want to do EVERYTHING! I can't decide on one thing I want to major in. I want to dabble in anything I can. My interests are many and I can't just decide to be/do one thing.

    There are so many things out there, why settle for one?
    Quote Originally Posted by MacGuffin View Post
    ayoitsStepho is becoming someone else. Actually her true self, a rite of passage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Walking Tourist View Post
    Sometimes, the forum gets to be a bit too toxic.
    I've seen worse, seriously, in the way of toxicity. I'm new here but kinda like it. A place where the premise is that people don't have to all think the same, don't have to act the same, and in fact you really can't expect that in life. Yeah.

    To ayoitsStepho (and McRumi):

    I, too, very much liked McRumi's take on being well-rounded. Your wanting "to do EVERYTHING!" is wonderful. Whatever profession(s) you end up in, I think your intelligent curiosity will make you a better employee (or freelancer or small business owner) -- balanced, valuable, one who can understand the big picture in a company or in co-worker interactions.

    Like McRumi, apparently, I don't wear my knowledge and varied interests on my sleeve. People have told me I'm like an onion, with layers that surprise them.

    Life contains so much that's intriguing and amazing! Everywhere!

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    The Ns here just feel too persecuted in real life, so they have to come here and flip the tables a bit, is all.

    And I concur about most of them probably being S's anyway. MBTI causes WAY too much confusion on that issue. That's why I subscribe to KTT.
    -stellar renegade
    coo-oo-ooool this madness down,
    stop it right on tiiiiime!

    Badass Promoter ESTPs:

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    Quote Originally Posted by brainheart View Post
    It's getting to the point that I'm not sure I can be on here any longer, the ignorance about what it means to be an SP (or SJ) vs NT and NF is beginning to make me see red.

    Anyone else feel like that?

    I mean seriously, it's driving me f'in nuts.
    I'm glad I read this thread. I've felt some some of the animosity toward my type that you speak of here. What we are experiencing is prejudice, pure and simple, and it is not new. I let it get me down a bit when I first joined, but I am weighing the good and the bad and moving forward, because I am truly interested in improving myself, and I feel I can probably gain some insight. Myers-Briggs, as I understand it, is supposed to help people help themselves, by giving understanding of potential natural tendancies within their defined types. What many people seem to forget is that, it is common for us to not follow a natural tendancy, either by upbringing or life experience, so it doesn't define who we are. But our understanding that it could be there is helpful. My first exposure to this type of psychological instrument has been Myers-Briggs. I'm currently exploring the five factor model now as well.

    Someone else said "lead by example" earlier in this thread, and that is what we need to do. The truth is, no one can know another person without getting to know them.

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