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    I tend to swing back and forth from my need for my internal world and the need to express myself and to get away from myself, lol. I do need the interaction of other people to converse and socialize but I also need it on my own terms to feel comfortable opening up. Sounds selfish really, lol. Even on forums, I tend to swing from posting alot and sharing to being reclusive.

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    This extroversion thing... never experienced it. I can be giddy and attentive and reciprocating of someone who feeds me the energy? Yeah, giddiness and excitement might manifest in something that looks like extroversion, but it's not - at all. Just a brief moment natural energy outflux. But thoughts never just fly out of my mouth unless I feel pressured to small-talk. Even when that happens, I remain less extroverted than the person I'm talking to.

    I hardly feel the need to express myself. Sometimes I feel like just being present is expression enough. If I feel the need to clarify or stand up for something though, I'll be adamant and persistent to figure out what the other person's perspective is and respond to it accordingly.

    As... for the act of posting in this thread, I consider it participation in helping others understand others... =] and maybe I'm challenging the idea that ISFPs overcompensate for their introversion by turning extrovert. o_O But neither am I denying it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by countrygirl View Post
    Even on forums, I tend to swing from posting alot and sharing to being reclusive.
    Me too. But I think that can also be due to the fact that the luster wears off or I don't feel like I really have anything new to say so what's the point?

    But yes, irl I will have a great conversation with someone and so the next time they see me they are all ready to chat it up and I won't even feel like completing a sentence, it doesn't matter whether I like them or not, I just don't want to talk.

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    For me, I definitely need a balance, and when I don't have that balance I'm just off. I need alone time, but too much alone time puts me in a bad mood. Not enough alone time also puts me in a bad mood. As for the extroversion thing, I feel it depends on the person. And after knowing someone for awhile and being introverted it's really hard for me to break that mold. Even if I want to really bad. It's kind of like I think they expect me to be quiet so it's hard for me to do anything else other than remain silent. Once I've crossed that line, it's a lot easier to be both. And I've read descriptions of ISFPs being private people, which is true for me somewhat. I don't throw myself out there but if someone asks me a question about myself I don't feel the need to give an answer that doesn't reveal much about myself. I consider myself pretty open if people ask.

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    ISFP's can be very chatty and conversational and social for an Introverts. They can be more social than a lot of extroverts- moreso than any other introverted type from the ones I know. But it drains them. Then they need to go home and rest up. That's the difference.
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    I don't think I am one of those kinds of ISFP.
    Act your age not your enneagram number.

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