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    Quote Originally Posted by millerm277 View Post
    Well, you're half right. Kinda. I'm blunt and say things like they are, but with the people that can't handle it, I try to just tell them they're not going to like what I have to say, rather than tell them it.
    Every time I open this thread, I close it again, thinking, "I probably shouldn't reply."

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    Quote Originally Posted by cooliogirly1000 View Post
    Can their undeveloped feelings, project as being mean. Like when you ask an ISTP for help or advice on something that is of little importance to them in their view, they just give you a direct answer without thinking how this might affect you even if you have told them it means a lot to you? Why are they not sympathetic and unempathic?

    Why is it when the opposite is done to them, they hide under a rock and act victimised? Sorrry to generalise all ISTPs
    My dad asked me the other day why I was frantically doing something for someone else. I responded I wasnt frantic, I was determined because it meant something to that person. He asked why when what I was doing isnt important and doesnt matter. I grabbed the remote out of his hand, acted like I was gonna hide it and asked if he cared about that because I wouldnt care since I dont channel surf or watch much TV. He responded that he would just go in the other room and watch TV, but he got the point. He is IxTJ, so its not a type thing.

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