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    Things moved pretty fast for me in my 20's. I lived in three different places, quit my job of two years as a grease monkey and worked as a shipping clerk for a large cycle/snowmobile shop which lined me out perfectly for my current profession.

    I can't say I had any 'good' friends, I had roommates. In fact as I look back I do feel as though all the roommates I've ever had have taken advantage of me in one way or another. None of the people I really talk to or hang out with anymore from that time in my life. Truthfully I feel like I squandered those years, I'd keep to myself, pass the time by myself, and made no attempts at developing any meaningful relationships. I think I've opened up quite a bit since then and I am much happier than I used to be.
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    Hmm. I'm 18, close enough?

    Intensely quiet? - When I'm not with friends/people I'm more than neutral with, then yes. Also, when I'm working or thinking, yes.

    Problems with being taken advantage of by jobs/bosses, girlfriends, etc? - Nope. I don't take s*** from people. I might not start a big issue out of it, I just get myself away from it, or find a way to remove the other person from it. (Tactics? Perhaps.)

    Anger issues? - Yeah, but it's more of an internal thing. (I don't act on my anger.) However, I've had people tell me that when I'm angry/annoyed I somehow manage to put fear into them without saying or expressing anything, or even showing displeasure. Apparently I somehow manage to give off an "energy" that strong.

    Whatever...I'd like to hear. - Lets see. I'd say life's decent. I've got a flexible, well-paying job as an engineering intern, drive out to ski twice a week once the snow starts coming, have a great girlfriend of two years who I get along perfectly with, plenty of good friends, and don't have much trouble with school, even with 4 math classes a day.

    On the other hand, I struggle with (from what I can tell, having read a lot on the subject) some type of social anxiety disorder, and have depression issues as well, that take a lot out of me often.

    What else are you looking for?
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    Well. I ask because I met someone who is either a ISTP or ISFP. We have great 3-4 hour conversations. I just feel really comfortable. We have a lot in common. Outlooks. Ideals. Hobbies. One of the first times we hung out we cycled over 25 miles in the middle of the night. Stuff like that. The main difference I see is that he's much more of a people pleaser than I am. He says he gets taken advantage of a lot. From what I see he does. He's aware of it but yet doesn't seem bothered too much by it. I have no problem saying "no" to anyone or standing up for myself. I ask why he doesn't do that. He said that he doesn't like letting people down. He brings a softer side of me out. I mean I haven't known him long at all but I feel like I do. I feel somewhat protective of him. I don't know of any ISFP's...just wondering if the dynamic sounds familiar at all?

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    From my experience, I think that could be a ISTP/ISFP dynamic.

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    He's can also get pretty self-conscious...which is kinda cute. It's just strange for me because I can see that if he's getting taken advantage of or mistreated I'd want to stick up for him. That's a foreign thing for me. Usually I would just think it's that person's responsibility to do their own dirty work in that regard and stand up for themselves. Also, I'm a I don't want to step on his toes and hurt his ego if I do defend him....but I feel like if this does happen it will happen automatically.

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    Age 20 I was a wreck.. even though I found God, went through rehab in my late teens,.. but I just didn't relate to anyone I knew anymore. I read a lot. I also was given Zoloft, and it just ended up making me fat and lazy.


    Took awhile to work the kinks out. Still working them out.

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