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    Quote Originally Posted by INTJMom View Post
    As he entered his teens, he became more dangerous. I didn't dare leave him home alone for fear he would blow something up while I was gone.
    Valid concern indeed; my ISTP elder brother 'borrowed' chemicals from the chemistry lab and blew a giant hole in the school field.

    Most exciting thing that had happened there for years.

    They're so misunderstood too; my Fi mum just can't understand him and teenage years were crazy until he went off to uni.

    I just love the lovable bastards though (the ones I've known have been both).

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    Yes they are tough to understand.
    Thank goodness for the MBTT books!

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    I must be the most boring ISTP ever.
    Under Construction

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maverick View Post
    I think ISTP's are very cool but they sometimes annoy the hell out of me because of their coldness, lack of friendliness and general disdain for theory.
    ISTPs do not have a disdain for theory. They want the theory to be applicable, otherwise what is the use of having a theory if it cannot be put to functional use. Not speaking for other ISTPs, I personally have a disdain for people presenting information as facts when clearly it's a personal and subjective opinion. This could be a theory which I think may best be welcomed to me as that and not to blurt it out as a fact.
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    Default in praise of istps

    I'm married to an istp - Apparently infp/istp relationships should not work (mega t&f conflict) heh ho!

    I love his practicality - he can mend anything and understands complicated machinery (he works out problms at work using mathematical equations - I still have to use my fingers!)

    he has a tremendous memory for facts and is the best person to have on your side in a pub quiz

    he is very easily bored and starts loads of projects he never finishes (thats when I need to get a tradesman in - just to finish off something which would take him an hour but he's ben putting off for months...years)

    he expresses his love by doing things for you (he enjoys looking after his family like this) and buying you practical things (terrible at buying female things - he once bought me the same jewelry two years running - exactly the same!)

    he's sports mad and throws himself in wildly - he runs marathons and is very physical and sensuous

    he has a quietly sardonic and silly sense of humour which was the thing that really attracted me to him - he hates routine and rules and quietly breaks them whenever he can get away with it

    he can't abide social events (other than sports or a quiet drink in a quiet pub) and hates getting dressed up

    he's dreadful with money and doesnt give a bugger about it

    when he's upset he takes off on his own and refuses to talk - he becomes really grumpy, sarcastic and cutting - I never try to chase him in to his cave now - just wait for him to come out - when he will usualy apologise.

    as a Dad he's patient and funny and laid back -not so good at doling out discipline - and he takes them everywhere, makes them things and gives them all his money!

    he really can't cope with displays of emotion - it's as if he finds it physically painful and has to get away - if friends or family are upset thats my job to deal with - he will then take them wherever they want to go and offer to fix their plumbing!

    the only other istp i know is our computer advisor at work - he too has a very silly sense of humour (you only find this out when you get to know him - to alot of pople he sems a typical uncommunicative computer geek) and spends his spare time rock climbing and mending friends computers it seems

    yes istps are very cool folk!
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    This thread is so awesome. I almost got choked up, but I didn't. No real reason to. Thanks for the compliments though.
    I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.

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    INFj None

    Default yup

    <3 for shizzles

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    Why is Whatever pretending to be ISTP? or are you one of those people who don't believe in putting the right type in your profile?

    Quote Originally Posted by JivinJeffJones View Post
    I'm just gonna throw it out there that Wolverine is probably an ISTP. Enough said.
    He's not an INTJ at all. Don't even think of suggesting it. I know you want to. But you would be so wrong.
    You're probably right.. I don't see the INTJ. At all. You know who else is probably ISTP? Ironman and Dr.House <3


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    Quote Originally Posted by Randomnity View Post
    Haha...I had the most interesting debate with my INFJ friend about intentions the other night. My point of view was that intentions should be all that matter, if they know I don't mean harm by something, people shouldn't be offended. I consider intention and actions far more heavily than words...if I think someone is purposely being mean, I'll get annoyed at them even if they're saying something innocuous...and I usually won't be fazed by the most hurtful thing said in jest/without malice. I respond to the tone more than to the words (although I think this applies more with close friends who I can read, rather than acquaintances).

    His counterpoint was in essence that I need to consider how other people are thinking, and that most people are offended by illogical things, and I just have to deal with that. It's more accurate to try to predict/consider how the other person might react than to 'put myself in their shoes' because most people just don't think like me, apparently. I'm supposed to flex around other people instead of getting mad at them for not flexing around me. Ie try to be sensitive instead of calling everyone else oversensitive. Which makes sense, I guess, to a degree.

    This was after me offending another friend by saying something I considered to be an objective, neutral statement, not even thinking about the possibility of it offending, while she considered it an attack/rejection of her carefully-laid plans. I still don't really get it....


    I'm bumping this thread to respond to something someone wrote over a year ago, but I just couldn't help myself. My boyfriend and I have this discussion alllll the time. In the beginning of our relationship is was problematic because he would constantly unknowingly hurt my feelings and then be completely baffled that I was upset because he didn't MEAN to hurt me. Fortunately we understand one another MUCH better now - but I still find myself regularly explaining to him why other people think he's an asshole. His response is always "But I'm NOT an asshole!" to which I say, "I know that, and you know that, but that other guy doesn't so go apologize."

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    Even though I am ISTP this is about my dad who is also ISTP. Once you have a good relationship with an ISTP you can always count on them to give you a hand. No complaining, no whining. They are always there when you need them and will put the other persons needs above there own. Both being ISTP we dont really talk that much small talk and can go a week without talking and not think anything about it or question if the other person is mad at me, but when I call he will do anything to help me out even if it means he has to get up 3 or 4 hours early and go in to work at 3 in the morning so he can get off in time to help me, and not complain once. They dont ever make you feel like you are burdening them, even if you need them because you screwed up.

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