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None of this sounds like dominant Fi to me; it's all way too needy and expressive, which leads me to think ISFJ. What TV does he like to watch? What's his job, hobbies? How does he behave around his friends? When he talks about his friends, what does he talk about?

I'd say extraverted feeling for sure. So if he's an introvert, as you claim he is, that narrows it down. What you say in your last post reminds me (to an extent) of my ISFJ mother-in-law (but she's a neat freak) and my ISFJ bro (but he's not psychologically stable. Messy, though.)
I thought J also, I think P types like to figure things out more on their own where as J types have more of a I need to know what steps to follow, or what to do. They like rules and guidance.