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    Quote Originally Posted by KLessard View Post
    Am I ever glad I have read this! A lot of things are beginning to make sense.
    The ISFP I know's sentences are often reduced to :
    "That's beautiful!"
    "That's bad."
    "That's good, then."
    "Ok? Ok?"
    (Sums up the last phone conversation I had with her. She sounds a lot like Stepho from what I've heard on her video. Same sweet, shy hesitation.)

    But she once sent me a letter she wrote at a time when she was quite depressed and probably in some sort of NT shadow function. Splendid letter with english words I had never read in my life. I still have it. From what I have read that she wrote with care, she can be quite poetic.

    This is me to a T. I'm starting to think I might be ISFP without all the benefits of being an S.

    There is just such a drastic contrast between my verbal and written communication. It is extremely disconcerting to me. I sound like an imbecile when I can even manage to make words come out at all, but I've been told by many people my writing is eloquent.

    "If you would convince a man that he does wrong, do right. But do not care to convince him. Men will believe what they see. Let them see."

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