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    Quote Originally Posted by MDP2525 View Post

    However, I rarely discuss current or future worries - with anyone! That's like, my kryptonite. I would feel extremely vulnerable doing that. So if this SP is doing so I'd say they're either really stressed out or they really trust you or a combination of both. Either way, it's a good thing. Not a bad one.
    Yes, the "future" aspect is interesting, I picked up on that with a couple of people because SPs are supposed to be so in-the-moment that I wouldn't have thought discussing future worries was on the agenda with most of them...I, on the other hand, fret about the future WAY too much...

    Quote Originally Posted by MDP2525 View Post

    My core friends know everything about me. I have maybe four people in my life that I tell or can tell anything too. Other than that there's a lot of periphery friends. They are good friends. They may get those "emotional vomiting" moments out of me or they might not know much about me at all. A lot of how much an SP divulges has to do with timing. This was actually a really difficult post to reply too. Made me think. Ugh. Hope I made sense

    EDIT: what type is this SP?
    That's all really interesting, thanks I can think of two notable examples where this has happened with an SP of them is ESxP (really haven't figured out the T/F yet) and the other one I am fairly sure is ISTP. Both men. With the ISTP (who now lives far away) he probably wouldn't talk much about future worries but he did sometimes tell me about feeling low for one reason or another in the present. The ESxP has told me a surprising amount about his concerns for the future.
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    I'm barging in on this topic, and I apologize, but I think my ISFP and I have this thing going on where I've now become her emotional dumping ground. I think in a section on "ISFP relationships", it mentioned how ISFPs have the tendency to constantly defer to their partners. I was sceptical of this, until one day over IM she started ranting about a fall out with a friend. She paused and said, "I'm unloading on you. Sorry, I must rant".

    At the time, my chibi-Fe bleated, "Unload all you want; it makes me feel useful!" Which, naturally, she took literally. Now she defers to me about anything; job hunting stress, nerves about job interviews, "oh crap I start the job tomorrow and now I'm nervous". Basically, she keeps me updated on every event in her life.

    I'm not sure that exactly entails "vulnerability". Apparently she never watches tear-jerkers around people, because she feels people will "think she is a wimp". She loves those kinds of films, though. The very notion makes me cringe, except Marley & Me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackCat View Post
    This is generally how it works for mankind, yes.

    Don't over analyze, SPs hate that. Unless it's obvious that we're joking, we mean what we say, and we try to communicate in the most clear ways possible.
    Yes, I agree with this. I do not like everything I say to be analyzed. It irritates me really. I try my best to put my thoughts and feelings in words [which is hard already] and I dont like it when others have to analyze it and pick it apart like there's a secret meaning behind it. Take what I say at face value. Thats how I typically work.
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    ayoitsStepho is becoming someone else. Actually her true self, a rite of passage.

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