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    I almost burned down the woods near my house experimenting with paint thinner and gasoline. I put the gasoline in little plastic dump trucks and then I pour the thinner down an old gutter and lit it with matches. there were bunches of wild grape vines that caught fire reallllly reallly fast, so I had to use buckets of sand to put it out. After that, I only played with fire inside, which was also a bad idea. I think I was about 8 or 9. good times.
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    blocking the drain in the balcony and filling it with water not realizing there is an electrical outlet there...

    actually that explains my life after that pretty well

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    Around 12 my GF showed me a cool way of making me passout by pressing down on the artery in my neck. We use to do this to eachother all the time.

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    It seems that pyromania is a common trait for SPs.

    I remember we once tried to burn paint thinner in a toilet. It was the one time when we all got caught. The horrid smell gave us away.

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    Haha once when I was about 6 years old, I kept stabbing a piece of paper with one of those long sharp pins, because I was bored. Then all of a sudden I feel a pinch in my finger and look down at my hand, and see it hidden by a lot of red fluid.

    Around the same age, I was running in a pitch dark room, and rammed my head straight into a foot-wide, cement pole. Needless to say that hurt like hell.

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    Stuck a crayon in my ear and couldn't get it out. We had to go to the doctor to remove it.

    I used to stick a bunch of stuff in my ears. Think it started when I saw someone use earplugs on TV. The rambling lectures of the grade school teachers often bothered me so I would stuff wads of paper or tissue in my ears. It felt rather powerful of being able to close off the outside noise, lay my head on my desk and daydream.

    As for the was just as well that I stuck it in there. When the doctor removed the crayon he also found paper wads that were near the point of infection. He said I might have lost my hearing if the opportunity had not arisen for him to remove them (i.e. the crayon incident).

    Word getting out as to the crayon incident didn't improve my reputation as just being a class clown but I did notice the teachers lectures improved.
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    There was this one time I was at this like afterschool fair or somthing and this person was giving a speech and I stuck a carrot up my nose and I got stuck there, and I caused a scene trying to get it out. My mom's help was enlisted . .. yeah :]

    Also when I was young I would frequently take my pants off or roll my skirts up. And I rember this one time I refused to wear the skirt to an out fit because I though it looked weird. I'd rather go pantsless. I really don't know . . .

    I wore sweatshirts in 100 degree weather.

    I was self concious about how I looked but I as so delusional it was crazy. The things which actually mattered to me were so random.

    I remember one time in fourth grade I spent like 10 minutes or so in the girls bathroom trying to get my hair to spread evenly over my shoulders like in cartoons.

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