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    Default SP Stubbornness About Play

    I have quite a few friends who are SP's, and they are very fun and fun-loving. I know a handful of ENxP's, and they are all very open to doing anything. They can make fun out of any situation. If they activity is great, then great! If not then have fun with the people, have fun with friends.

    As an ENxP myself, I'm the same. I'm open to doing almost anything with the right people, and I love new experiences and having fun. But not all my SP friends are like this, even the ESxP ones. I guess I expect since they love experiences and fun that they would be open to different activities but some of them are quite stubborn in this way. They may refuse to do something that isn't their favorite activity even if there are a lot of great people going, and they aren't always open to trying new activities and experimenting with different things.

    Any insight into this?
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    I like experiences and fun... I'm just not always in the mood for a particular activity or to hang around particular people or to immerse myself in particular weather outside or put some pants on just to go out and do something that is not my favourite activity. And sometimes I just don't feel like trying something new or experimenting. A lot of the time I do, but not ~always~.

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