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Thread: SPs and stress

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhinosaur View Post
    Halla, I think you and all the ESTPs on the planet handle stress the same way, by charging at it head-on and smashing it to tiny bits.

    There is an ESTP in my research group who makes us introverts all look like pansies.

    Edit: you know, I think both ISTPs and ESTPs have the potential to get an amazing amount of work done when pressured, but the ISTP doesn't handle it as well because they think too much about it. They worry too much, whereas the ESTP just puts the pedal to the metal and does their shit.
    CRY! THIS IS TRUE!!!!!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cimarron View Post
    How much of a problem is stress in your life?
    It had used to be, before I was pretty immature about my time management and money, and I'd cause myself so much unnecessary stress. I think it should be noted I tested as INTP until about a year ago when I made some pretty signifigant life changes for the better. Underneath different habits and aspirations I began to test as an ISTP regularly.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cimarron View Post
    Is it that you don't "let" stress affect you as much as some other people would?
    I think stress effects me less than most, I definately don't get stressed about relationships as most do.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cimarron View Post
    How do you handle it when you do get stressed?
    In the past I would try to ignore my problems rather than confront them, which just naturally led to bigger, nastier problems. I'd like to think I've grown up a lot over the past year and am now addressing my issues as they crop up, and if something cannot be resolved on the spot I make arrangements and plan to do so later on, and I make sure I follow through.
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    I usually just handle with the problem by working my way through it. However there has been a time when I did kinda break down. It was the week before finals week and I was stressed with organic chemistry, my girlfriend dumped me, and I made out with some random asian chick who then assumed I was her boyfriend. I dealt with this pretty poorly by not sleeping, swimming two miles the next morning, skipping class, and leaving town for the weekend to go party/binge drink.

    It caused a shitstorm of drama and I felt the repercussions until the school year ended.

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    How much of a problem is stress in your life?

    It can be a problem. It mostly stems from a feeling that people are moving in on me and controlling me and my environment then me needing to push back or me feeling a need to control people and the environment around me to produce some kind of result.

    Is it that you don't "let" stress affect you as much as some other people would?

    If I make sure I stay out of my head and not try to force too much I don't stress much, if at all.

    How do you handle it when you do get stressed?

    Th cause of my stress is for the most part getting caught in a mental loop. I've learnt to catch it and break it and I do that by just focusing on what is real and tangible around me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halla74 View Post
    I am quite adept at making stress my bitch.

    To be quite honest, the way I rip through life probably scares most people, and would be lethal if attempted by others.

    Maybe I'm coated with Teflon, but the bottom line is that if life throws me a lemon, I make lemonade (then add vodka). If life throws me a gorilla turd, I turn it into a Snickers bar (and give it to someone else).

    This is most likely indicative of many ESTPs. We remain calm under pressure. We have nerves of steel. If something does irk us we think through a few hundred ways to successfully neutralize it and then pick the method that is quickest and most simple in producing the desired result. I've always been this way.

    BUT - When stress does sneak up on us, many times it is because we did something stupid to summon it, or we let something slide that mutated into a 450 pound monster with razor sharp teeth, whatever. Then we end up losing our shit and screwing a few things up big time, and once the embarrassment of it all kicks in we quickly get our shite together and regain our composure.

    So, in the big picture of things, I handle stress very well. But I am human, and when it does get the better of me it usually sucks, but is short lived.
    Wow, totally.

    This whole move was a huge embarrassment, what with packing so late and not getting the job situation taken care of soon enough and throwing all my checks away before I left, but with the help of others I got it all straightened out and with style.

    Now onto calling my potential and future workplace!
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