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    Default SP freelancers, come hither thread!

    SP freelancers talk to me!!!!!!!!!!

    • what area of skills are you freelancing?
    • how long have you done it?
    • how did you start working for yourself and not working for THE MAN?
    • things you wish you knew before you started this
    • how it affects your relationships

    i know that fellow stps might feel like dishing out some lulz.... BRING IT ON! (but please, if someone answers: ah am freelancing mah bodeh *insert seducing moves*, i WILL slap your face---with love, yes).

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    I've been freelancing since I was 8 years old. I mowed grass, raked leaves, and washed cars.

    As a tenager I detailed cars and did lawns still but added in some landscaping as I was stronger.

    As an adult I've taught software classes, developed system documentation as a contractor, DJ'd, cleaned houses, and landscaping.

    Never turn down an opportunity to work for cash!!!

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