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    I would say we are:

    -Naturally skeptical
    -Not quick to trust people generally
    -A bit cynical
    -Occasionally a bit paranoid.

    So, my personal opinion is that normal ISTP's are very much not like what you describe, but one that has something wrong, can easily become the person you describe, as we have a bit of a predisposition to it.
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    I can be distrustful of people's motives.

    Sometimes, I can invent entirely logical but untrue back stories as to why or how something is happening. At my more paranoid moments, I'll get stuck on the fact that I can't actually disprove it, instead of just saying "that's ridiculous" and moving on.

    Generally, these moments are a result of me trying to see things too black or white.

    For example:
    - they either are only pursuing their own interest, or they are selflessly trying to help me.

    Of course, things aren't black or white. Chances are they are doing a bit of both. I remember this with the saying/idea: "Try and instead of or."

    Simplified, human emotion* is a big gray zone, and no actions are truly for one purpose and one purpose only.

    *emotion in this context meaning internal motivators to do actions
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    Quote Originally Posted by BerberElla View Post
    The main thing was constantly suspecting the motives of everything, not being able to step back and listen to what is being said, putting a negative twist on everything.
    I had a friend do this same thing (your whole post other than them being cruel) to me a few years ago. It was extremely bizarre. I told someone about this recently, actually. He stopped talking to me one day when I told him I thought he was attractive (his self esteem was so low he couldn't believe it) I said "I just was looking at your picture and thought.." But his picture was offline for a few hours, I used the term "just was" in a "recent time" sense. Because I was not perfect in what I said he decided I was lying to him. The whole thing was crazy - he sent me an email on how I was dead to him and never talked to me again. I took away from it the lesson of listening to "signs" in friendships, I saw red flags early on but the person was interesting so I stayed friends.

    I really wouldn't peg him as ISTP but I guess it's possible. It seems more "unhealthy person" than "personality trait"

    Now that I'm thinking about it, someone who is married to an ISTP I know deals with stuff like that all the time, but two other ISTPs I know aren't like that at all, they are relaxed and pointed toward having fun. I wonder what breaks down to cause that to happen.

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