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    Default Becoming confident in our abilities

    I have always wondered about this. Talking to someone who was diagnosed bi-polar and how they learned to deal with it I am starting to see how that relates to just who we are as a person. Function pairings are good at certain things, when we try to aim it in other directions we lack the confidence.

    When we learn how to focus it in the correct direction we become alot more confident as a person. The thing that virtuoso said rang a bell with this also in how he seemed to always fail at entertaining so he withdrew into his own world. The way I socialize best is to use Fe+Se to do things for others. It opens up conversations where I am not making decisions, but getting input that I can then digest and apply. It also helps me learn the person and be able to become more J and make decisions on there behalf of what they would like.

    Se-Ti has it place to tear apart what I see in life to understand. It is to dig in trying to reveal the truth. Sometimes this requires ignoring feelings to keep your perception open.

    When we try and focus our functions in the direction that we think others need or want we tend to keep falling flat on our face and become defeated losing our confidence and going into our dominant function more.

    Thoughts? I dont always have questions, just opinions on if this makes sense, help finding logical holes, that kind of stuff. Its more of a question of the theory. Tear pieces out and dissect. Dig in to certain parts.

    edit: this related to bi-polar person because a bi-polar person can learn how to focus there episodes to constructive tasks, or atleast the bi-polar person I talked to did. And if focused on the wrong direction can become destructive.

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    I don't understand your question well. I've thought that better use of my extroverted functions would give me more confidence. Se and Te.

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