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Thread: ESTP functions

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    I also have tert Fe, and I waver between ESTP and ENTP. I don't get "subconsciously hurt" by others, but I do have an issue with dignity (ok, maybe a teeeny bit of arrogance? I call it healthy self-respect). I expect to be treated with utmost respect, which is how I treat others - it's the Fe, proper group harmony thing, etc etc. If anyone treats me as if I'm inferior, I simply avoid contact with them. And then I forget about the incident and about the person. LOL There's too many awesome people out there to put up with bullshit from some random assmunch.

    Even if a stranger's rude, I'll say something. I don't cause scenes, that's just nasty and repulsive - I'll civilly speak up. For example, this fat, gross ghetto lady cut in line right in front of me at Starbucks the other day, and got so miffed when I told her politely that it's rude to cut in line. I think I saw her cankles frown at me.
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    oooh... for what's discussed earlier I tend to like and trust EVERYONE when I meet them and am frequently disappointed when people fail to live up to what good I thought that they were capable of

    and my views on having tertiary Fe? It's like a hammer or something... it's my tool to use for good or for bad- it's the one that I pay the most conscious attention to using for fear of doing something evil with it
    “The phrase 'Someone ought to do something' was not, by itself, a helpful one. People who used it never added the rider 'and that someone is me'.” - Terry Pratchett

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halla74 View Post
    OMG! I do this too! This is really crazy to read. It's like ESTPs have natural private investigator skills. We know EVERYTHING that is going on around us, out in the open, behind the scenes, whatever. Are we nosy little bastards?
    Update: back when this guy who I think is also an ESTP was stirring up shit about me getting a raise, I knew what was going on from beginning to finish. As soon as I got out of the office with my manager I saw him and his brother whispering to each other and I told the girl in our office I got a raise when she asked me (I guess a part of me wanted to show them up) and it obviously upset them. Next thing I know the dude's writing an extra long email and I didn't have to read a word of it to know what he was saying. He'd said pretty much everything to my face already anyway. Then I could see my boss writing emails in his office. He called me in sooner or later and told me what was going on, I wasn't surprised, and I basically knew what they were saying anyway, and then ESTP dude either slipped up or on purpose sent an email that my boss had written to the group email, so I got it, too. This was months ago, I still have it saved. Then he said there was quite a bit of drama about me, to which I obviously wasn't surprised.

    Later he ended up getting time off for a week, and came back only to go to jail. He's getting released this month, but was duly replaced in no time flat (by an SJ I think, thank God), even though he'd been there for years.

    I think my boss is an ESTP, too, though I used to be set on ISTP. He's pretty damn awesome. We cut up throughout the day and constantly liven the place up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MDP2525 View Post
    1) How does an ESTP use Fe?

    I read on one profile that ESTP's can be hurt by people they have unconsciously come to trust. Is this like a sneak attack on Fe? Do ESTP's often not realize how much they care or trust someone until something threatens that?

    2) How does Ni show itself being the inferior function?
    1) Fe is used to make externally directed decisions i.e. articulate to and direct people - so an ESTP will use Fe under the guidance of Se/Ti as it is located in the tertiary position in their psyche i.e. they will use it to take relevant action based on the present situation what their senses and personal sense of logic have processed is happening in the present.

    2) They are most drained by introspective future orientated, internal processing of information to form and hold a conceptual worldview that Ni does and being isolated from the present external physical world which will allows Ni to operate at it's best (i.e. detachment from Se).

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