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    Quote Originally Posted by poki View Post
    My parents never pushed school for me. The few times they tried I gave them no bones to bite onto. When I could get away with it school was time to get extra sleep or a time to just sit there bored out of my mind. I was in the bottom 3/4 of my class. I got a good enough SAT score to go to a decent uni and then gave up and went to community college because it was less "school like". I got in trouble in self paced. I would wait until the last week to do everything and the teachers didnt want to grade it all in one week.
    See, school was life in my house. And I hated it as a result for the most part. I always liked history, but I wanted more than our books in school were giving us. I loved English, but it was only one class. I loved learning, absolutely loved to read, to know more, to discover. But school? School was not learning for me. It didn't offer enough of what interested me and spoke to me. I always wondered, "What's the point of this"?

    The self-paced thing worked for me primarily in math courses. I failed Chemistry in HS because of something math related, and had to repeat Trig, so I got the idea that I was "bad in math". When I took self-paced math in college, I realized I could grasp the concepts, just not in the way that I was being taught sometimes. I changed my major when I realized that I could actually manage higher level math.

    I graduated right dab in the middle of my HS class, and that was only because I did so well in heavily weighted AP History and English classes. I got high SAT and ACT scores too, so I got into every university I applied to. Nonetheless, I flunked out of my university of choice my first year, but more due to depression than anything. I went back though, but it took me 6 years and 3 major changes to graduate.

    Sudbury Valley doesn't grade students, and they can learn what they want, how they want. There are no formal classes. The students have to present a thesis in order to graduate. They can get someone to work with them, or work alone on any given day. The kids essentially run the school by a vote during a town hall meeting. Almost all of the students go on to higher education, and get their degrees. I always found that to be pretty interesting, considering they come from a school in which they aren't required to attend any formal lessons.

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    I will have to check Sudbury Valley out as well.

    I have great news though. I took my son school clothes/supply shopping this weekend (it's always interesting to me what we'll end up coming home with...but I'm pretty sure that we singularly keep Hot Topic going from our purchases alone.) He was telling me about his freshman orientation at school last week. They just had it for half a day and school doesn't start until Tuesday, but he met his seminar teacher and his locker and all that fun stuff. They have their seminar teacher for the whole (theoretically, if they attend) 4years of high school. The seminar teacher is the "supervising" teacher who makes sure the students assigned to them are getting the help they need, getting things done, helps with problems, etc.) So Wyatt told me his Seminar teacher plays in a band (a Christian based band like my son does...although they scream the words, I it's not like you'd know that it's a Christian band.) He REALLY seemed to like his seminar teacher and I just feel like this is going to help him A LOT. He can help encourage Wyatt in school, at the same time as encouraging his music and understanding him on a personal level as well. I think the adult male figure position that was recommended has been filled!

    Now that I know that ISFPs dislike school and the rest of the things that have been shared here, I feel like I can empathize more with him. Instead of trying to "talk up" school when he says he hates it...I can say "I know..." I am so glad I found these boards!! I want to hug all of you!

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    I thought most teenagers disliked school...but what do I know?
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    Jeffster....I LOVED school. Loved it, loved it, loved it! But that might not be normal, I suppose.

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