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    Default SPs and Religion

    To counter the NT religion threads that seem to pop up all the time, I decided I would make an SP version.

    So.... SPs, what are you're religious beliefs if any, and why.
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    I dont know, do we have to make a choice? Show me hard evidence and I believe, show me partial evidence and I question. If it makes sense than maybe, if not then I need a better explanation. So I am not against it, but I dont 100% believe everything about it.

    Does that help at all?

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    That's a good question.
    Love is the point.

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    Zen Buddhism and Taoism I've had the most interest in. Why? Who the hell knows.

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    Raised Roman Catholic. Rarely attended outside of classes necessary for sacraments. Currently a "Catholic in Remission." Last time I saw a priest (Father Mik, a great guy, I love him like a brother.) was my two daughters' baptisms, and before that for me and my wife's wedding.

    My construct of God and how the universe works is not the typical Catholic model. All that aside, I have a deep connection with the Almighty. He and I are cool. I respest and love him; he set me free here of my own free will. I use what he gave me to take care of my family and those that have less than me as I meet them along the way of my daily life.

    I do not think spirituality must be at odds with science. Neither of the two disciplines could ever understand all the other has to offer when the study is done by men. To God, it's a piece of cake, he put it all together, and is observing as we try to figure it all out. THe key word is FAITH. Beyond what you've read, what you've seen, and what you've heard, what do you truly believe in? As long as there are tests in schools, there will be prayers in schools. You don't have to force kids to pray. When people think they are about to die, they pray. Seems pretty simple to me.

    We must all make peace with our definition of the universe in the course of our lives. Some of us will do it close to birth, some in their prime, and some real close to their final hour. But the quest and its meaning and its purpose are ours to resolve.

    I respect the beliefs of others, I never force mine on anyone, and I don't appreciate it if others try to force theirs on me. I'm willing to talk about anything though so long as people remain civil.

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    I was raised as a Christian. My father is a minister (Presbyterian) and so I went to church until I was old enough to decide not to (18) which I promptly did.

    I then started studying as many different religions as I could, so I could feel like I had a good understanding of where everyone else in the world is coming from. It started right after high school with an insane interest in Shamanism (living just north of NYC near the Ramapo Indians) for which I spent a good two years learning about. Then I started getting more interested in Judaism, Hinduism, and Islam. The resources in my college were limitless, and people were so eager to share their beliefs with me.

    Fast forward to now, and I consider myself extremely spiritual, with a strong belief in a higher power. I find connections to pieces of many different religions, but never enough to feel completely a part of, and I honestly like that. I feel like it has made me a more open minded person, and a much better positive role model for my son.

    My fiance is a conservative Jew, and we plan to have a child of our own soon, who will be raised Jewish, because it is important to her. I think that in the grand scheme of things, as long as we are living our lives as good people, then we are doing right by whatever higher power there is or isn't out there.

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    I'm a Christian, and have been for 14 years as of today. It was certainly not a "my parents are this so I just accept it" type of deal. It was a long journey from the time I actually started caring to figure out what I believed in (around 12) to my acceptance of Christ on my 19th birthday.

    And the journey has continued since then, as I have grown in my faith, I have also had my periods of struggle and doubt, and God and I have not always had a steady relationship.

    Part of it is something that everybody has to do, and that's accept the things that are out of my control. I can only do what I can do, which is my best to love my neighbor and to do my duty as a father.

    I'm not a preacher, and like Halla said, I don't tell other people how to live their life. I don't consider myself morally superior to anyone, and I don't spend my time looking for other people's sins to point out or criticize. I try to do my best to live by the Sermon on the Mount, and make love my first priority, not any air of self-righteousness or arrogance.
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    I've been raised a Catholic.

    I recieved the Sacraments- Baptism, Confession, Communion, Confirmation.
    And I liked Religion, but only because it was a source of good stories. I liked reciting the stories and the hymns and remembering them because they were entertaining, they sounded good together.

    When I grew up though and decided I should follow my own beliefs, I ultimately chose to be agnostic. There's too much evidence I've seen in the past to contradict the presence of the Christian God, though I am prepared to believe a God or some sort of higher power exists.

    Today I have faith in people. Some people are great.
    Hello. There'll be something here soon.

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    Mum- Buddhist
    Dad- Non-Religious
    Brother- Non-Religious

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    Raised: Reform Jew
    Dad: Reform Jew
    Mother: Raised roman catholic, converted to Judaism

    What am I now? Non-religious. I lean atheist, as it's the most logical explanation to my mind. But the reality is, I don't really care. Religion just isn't something that has ever connected with me in any way.
    I-95%, S-84%, T-89%, P-84%

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