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    Quote Originally Posted by stellar renegade View Post
    Wow, so all the ESTPs here (that I know of?) either have faith of some kind or attend a church. That's funny.
    "Here is the church, and here is the the doors and see all the PEOPLE..."

    I go to church because there are lots of PEOPLE there. Yes, most of them are I's, but then most everyone seems (at least a little) I compared to me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stellar renegade View Post
    Yeah, dude. I've come to believe that everyone will eventually be saved. I've also found that scriptures support that idea through and through, without you having to force the idea at all. In fact it kinda forces itself on you when you read it without bias.

    The whole thing's become so convoluted that it's hard to reverse the whole thought process. Basically I believe that with death and the world to come God just lifts the curtain to show what's really going on. Anyone who hurts others is bound to be completely messed up inside. Hell is just experiencing all that shit without any pleasant distractions like you find in this life.
    I've read something like that too. The main idea is that faith is the minimal qualification to be saved and access eternity. Every faithfull people have a place in paradize.

    I also believe it's possible that ghosts are the spirits of people who have trouble letting go of those distractions to experience the true torture of self.
    The current pattern about ghost is that they are spirit wich don't want be submit or can't be submit to the doomsday, yes.

    In a world of Christian-bashers, you rule. Appreciate it, bro.

    I appreciate.

    I've always find Jesus, in a word, cool. Even if he looks like a hyppie.

    There are some people who, I think regardless of the fact that they don't claim to be a Christian, will find themselves somehow rewarded at the end. And I think if you stay on that path you'd probably end up becoming one of those.
    Actually, I frequent as much christian than muslim, and so, I can recognize my faith in both religion. Muslims are usually more militants than christians and they have often tell me I'm in the way to becoming one. That's probably correct, but it's not my main preoccupation today. I believe that God is the only god, and that Mahomet is his prophet, and that Jesus is another prophet, but not God, so, I coul be consider like a muslim too. Elsewhere, I don't believe in some christian dogma, like the Trinity for example.

    But I was not initially concerned with religions to be save from the Hell, but first to build a coherent moral code. But religions are'nt very coherent at the first approach, and I've search moral thought in others areas. Like libertarianism, too, wich is a clear, accurate and coherent moral philosophy, but I've understand that you're also libertarian, that's cool. I think religions have above all teach me to not join to moral relativism.

    Thanks for your thoughts, friend.
    Thanks for the yours, bro'!
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