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    Quote Originally Posted by stellar renegade View Post
    But I heard the other day about samurai houses, that they would have those foldable walls that enable you to recreate the hallway system. If an enemy came they would change the halls around to confuse them.
    I wouldn't mind having the ability to do that, myself. Sounds like it could come handy, being able to completely change the layout of a room at an opportune moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randomnity View Post
    I really like the look of a spotless house, but I can't maintain it yet. I'm too scatterbrained and lazy. Maybe when I grow up a little. I really like the minimalist, uncluttered look but it's so hard to actually achieve!

    Of course, I live in a house of 6 students so that may or may not have something to do with I don't think 'neat freak' describes most SPs, though.

    I like the idea of living in a trailer. Or in a houseboat. Or in a forest cottage. Or on a farm. yeah...
    My husband was an istp.

    He often joked that if we ever went on that show where you redecorate your home, he would like an empty room with white walls and black carpet.

    For me he said he would go down to the thrift store, buy a bunch of junk and just dump in a huge pile and let me dig through it for hours.

    Now that we live apart his house is very tidy. Mine looks like I just got robbed.

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    I lived with an SP and was vastly impressed by his quirky, original "interior decorating." Everything always looked...interesting. He was extremely aware of his personal space in terms of visual and audio, and also tried to make things as comfortable as possible for me when he was in a good mood. Yeah, I think SPs can be neat, but with him it was a mood thing, or contingent upon things that he cared about, like organizing his movie collection. It wasn't the traditional type of "neat freak" stuff...he could be a slob sometimes if that's how he felt.

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