It might be more accurate to say that I'm comfortable with a higher degree of danger or discomfort if I'm engaging in something that's rewarding. It's not that we enjoy discomfort, but we can tolerate it. No risk, no reward ... well, sometimes. I invest in the riskiest stock porfolios in hopes of making a lot of money. And I've lost my shirt. But I'm still there, coz I think I'll be on top again just when I need to be. I don't subject myself to danger without getting anything out of it. For example, I always wear my seatbelt when driving. There's no compelling advantage to not wearing it.

I can handle physical conditions that others would shy away from. Perhaps I've built up a tolerance over time. And maybe that's the reason SPs seem to be able to handle these things better than other types. So I go snowshoeing when it's -20. I go hiking or mountain biking when it's plus 30. I can push myself through pain to get to where I want to go.