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    I don't really get annoyed with people for not living in the moment enough, though.. I mean, just a different viewpoint- although- sometimes I feel sorry for them. Life is so much better when you're living in it. However, I always find it interesting how different minds work- so everyone living in the moment might be a little boring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sidewinder View Post
    Living in the moment mean acting and doing, looking and listening, and moving around. This attitude grounds us in the present. The past and the future just fade away! So the focus is on mixing the right color of paint, or returning the next serve, or shifting into the next gear. Or, it could be on something as ordinary as really enjoying a slice of cake. I mean, we all like cake, right?

    Living in the present doesn't mean never setting up for the future or not learning from the past. It does mean paying attention to what we're doing and what's real and in front of us. It means not spending a lot of time fantasizing about what life would be like as a professional musician before learning how to play a proper C chord! :rolli:
    Well said!

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    Quote Originally Posted by shortnsweet View Post
    This happens when i'm really stressed out..
    I would hate to feel that way all the time.
    Just want to tell my brain to shut the hell up!!!
    I didn't notice I was doing it until I was aware enough to compare myself to someone who WASN'T doing it. Then suddenly it was a revelation that not everyone did what my automatic brain did. I find that it helps to calm or distract it when I can get up and walk.

    It's hard to deal with, especially when tired, anxious or deeply disturbed by something. You want to alight and rest, but it doesn't happen.

    My father is seeing an ISFP and she helps him really appreciate what's in front of him.

    Most of the time this isn't an issue..
    (Just shadow NTJ making me go a little cookoo I guess.)
    INTJ [shadows] are indeed high in kooky factor.
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