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    Quote Originally Posted by WickedQueen View Post
    Hi... You both have S and T. I think it's good though...
    Actually their function orders are exactly the same TSNF except the energies are different. In fact they are one another's shadows per Beebe's hierarchy. I think Steph's example would be a classic discussion between the two. We both like for things to make sense. Ironically though I have an ESTJ female colleague who can appear introverted at times, but very laid back, whereas I seem happy go lucky but she considers me intense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StephMC939 View Post
    Hahaha ... no, of course not (although if the gym is a short 5 minute walk from the comfort of his own shower... it didn't quite make sense to me at first). I was just trying to think of one of our weird random conversations and for some reason that was the first thing I thought of... so I just went with it
    Oh...well if it were only a short walk home, I think I'd prefer the comfort of my own home as well

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