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    Default For us

    I've noticed an ESTP manager of mine when asking you to do something he will always say "for us" rather than "for me"

    Do any other SPs in specific do this? Cause I realized after that I tend to say it like that as well, whenever I want a favor I tend to always say "for us"

    It does sorta of make sense though because I've noticed people are more at ease doing something if you say it as opposed to just bossing them around or saying "for me"

    Seems to coalesce well with the SP temperament of laid back and easy going

    How do you usually ask people to do something?

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    i never say 'for us', only 'for me'. but about half the time i say 'for me', and the other half i don't specify at all who they are doing it for. i just say 'can you do this?' or 'will you do this?'
    i pretty much always pose it as a question.
    however, if you say no i am fully prepared to argue the point.
    but i pose it as a question because, like you said Unique, that seems to put people more at ease.

    i have never thought about it, but i guess i don't say 'for us' because it feels like a big assumption.

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    My ESTP co-worker always says "We'll see you later." I always laughed at that, thinking "is that the royal We?" but I realized I caught myself doing it a few times, haha.
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    I use such casual language, but I use it most when people ask ME for something.

    For instance, if they ask me "Alex, I am out of coffee. Can I please borrow some of yours to make a pot of Joe?"

    To which I reply: "But of course! My coffee is the people's coffee, please help yourself."

    I do this out of sheer niceness. I have noticed however that whenever I end up going to that person with a request that they immediately help me out and are very gracious about it.

    Also, I do use "We" when I ask for things at times; but I like the sound of "for us" as it does have a pleasant ring to it. Good on your ESTP boss.

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    Give us the precious!

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    I've never noticed my SP friend doing this, I'm going to listen out for it from now on and report back with my findings.
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    Funny, as an INTP 'manager' of sorts. I tend to use you, instead of me/us. I leave myself completely out of the picture.

    By the way, it works really well and I nevah get the blame.
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    Most of the time I speak Japanese so don't bother with either. Me or us, you just leave it out. In English I always say "for me", no... come to think of it, in English I say 'for me' or nothing almost all of the time. I never use for us.

    Can you go and do that for me.
    Can you go and do that.

    If it is something for us, like coffee then I use 'us'. If it is something I need you to do so I can do my job as a boss I say 'for me' or nothing.

    Maybe. I have trouble reflecting...

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    i say things like that quite a bit at work, it help promotes a sense of teamwork... which is a nice way of saying that most people are not quite as professional as they should be, they take a bit of cajoling to keep them from feeling pressured or singled out. of course, they might still do the job otherwise, but there's no telling what sort of passive-aggressive retaliation you'll end up dealing with later.

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    I don't say it unless it's actually for the benefit of me and that person. It seems insincere otherwise, and I'm really bad at faking that sort of thing. It sort of irks me when people do that actually. I mean, if you need something done, and you're asking me to do it for you, just say so.

    I suppose it's useful for a civilized work environment where you can't say "go do it yourself."
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