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    Quote Originally Posted by Halla74 View Post
    I wouldn't be on that mountain in the first place.
    A stupid endeavor to partake in as far as I'm concerned.
    Palm trees, beach, Tiki bar, and total safety...ahhhhhh....

    Hahaha this

    But seriously

    Are the two options to either die or die and have 4 others die too?

    Obviously I'm only going to pick to stay on the ladder if there is a chance (no matter how small) that I'll make it too

    In that kind of situation I'd be very surprised if someone could make the call as to if the rope would break or not with one extra person

    But yeah as I said if the only options are to die or die and take down some of your fellow humans on the way then obviously only a murderer would pick the 2nd option

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    Take the knife I should be cutting the rope with, stab the person above me in the leg, yell "oops". Continue stabbing and yelling "oops" until they fall off. Sorry, if it's you or me....I pick me. The exception being people I care about.
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    If the four other people are hot chicks, I let us all fall back to the mountain and test that whole "last man on Earth" scenario.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thisGuy View Post
    supplies are you regular everyday climbing gear suitable for mt. everest

    only thing is, if you get left behind you would die else there would be no need of rescue in the first place
    What's the groups chance of survival? If none...

    I'd cut the rope. Better to die a theoretical hero. Also if I was higher up and the guy below knew the rope was going to break and didn't let go, I'd throw him off the mountain.

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    lol!! oh jeffster and his random outbursts. only he would be singled out for a totally random response.

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