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    I usually find myself thinking about what else I could be doing at this moment in my life instead of what I'm actually doing, and how different the overall life experience would be. I also sometimes think about what other people are doing, and what their motives and intentions are for doing what they do and being how they are. I tend to create a "full picture" of some people I am thinking about based on my observations of them and what I know about them. Kinda like, fill in the blanks.

    I also think about sex and making more money. I'm a student that has very little interaction with females for a variety of reasons.

    Sorry, didn't read the rest of the thread before posting this, but I'll look back now.

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    Visually rubbing my eyeballs over different textures and surfaces and wondering what they would feel like like against my tongue. And thinking how nice certain numbers are and how they remind me of songs. Nothing strictly technical.


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