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    who says we want to be found?

    besides work i dont spend most of my time around other people, the places I am around others are hardware stores, casino poker rooms, the target range, the ranger station buying maps or relaxing at the local lodge before or after a climbing trip, movie theatre.

    most everywhere else i will come and go as quickly as i can and usually avoid anyone trying to strike up conversation. it's only when im stuck in one place for a long time that someone could manage that with any degree of success.

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    I met a female ISTP last night swimming at the gym. We playfully chased each other like dolphins from one side of the pool to the other. Her physical movement was so graceful. She said she had swam competitively for years, and was surprised to hear I had only been doing it for five months.

    And, as usual for ISTPs, when we were finished with our workout we abruptly parted ways. But maybe I'll see her there again someday.

    I'm curious about ENFPs as well just to see how we get along but I've have yet to come across any.

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