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    Quote Originally Posted by dynamiteninja View Post
    When did I type Irving as ENFJ? Maybe I just can't remember although I did type Updike as ENFJ.
    misreading on my part. i read it as updike, and meant it for updike.

    i'd probably leave steinbeck as isfp tho i'm still not completely satisfied. an intj was trying to convince me of infpness, tho his overall direction seems more Se to me than Ne, and he does write in general truisms frequently which feels more isfp than infp. he does seem like his perceptions are his perceptions more than infps, who feel like they question their own perceptions more often, see them from more angles, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the state i am in View Post
    whitman is a dominant intuitive entp.
    Explain to me why, please.

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