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    It's strange. I met an ISTP (maybe ISFP) and we hit it off immediately! (sparks flew - something we both commented on as being rare for each of us to move so quickly) It was almost like meeting my twin. We had so many similarities, yet we were different. I care much more about what people think than he did. After that initial meeting, it was like hitting my head against a wall. His behavior towards me ran very distant and I'd say almost...cold. It's strange to me because I would assume having a similar outlook would foster a sense of comradeship but not so.

    Eh, win some, lose some.

    I think it's possible it can work, depending upon the degrees of each INTP/ISFP but if it doesn't work it's because we are the same type of crazy and the same type of sane and it felt like trying to put two magnets with the same charge together.

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    I totally relate to what INTPness says.
    Me and my ISFJ (maybe ISFP) have been together for more than 4 years and she is wonderful.
    Sometimes in our talks at night I feel like I needed a fast-forward button to her explanation of things she's done during the day.
    Sometimes it's hard for me to understand how much she needs me and misses me.
    She's great, and I love how much love she can show to me

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    I lovvveee SP guys. I mean how can you not enjoy someone who's so fun? You can play and go have adventures and it's just a great time. One of my closest guy friends is a ESTP and there aren't words for how much I love that kid. I feel like most guys are intimidated by my direct, mental approach to everything, but I like how the SPs are not only not intimidated but not impressed. Also, theyre are few people more fun to banter with than a STP (can sometimes feel like poking a tiger, but so worth it).

    In all, the SP helps the NT remember how to live in their bodies, and the NT makes sure that whatever todays entertainment is doesn't end up killing/maiming/incarcerating the SP. Good times all around!

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    INTP (girl) and ISFP (ex-boyfriend).

    Overall, the relationship was nice. I appreciated how up-front, yet not overly forthcoming he was with his feelings about me - he emailed me. He was affectionate, playful and an all-around loving boyfriend. He was laid-back and not clingy, so I could spend a day with him, then not have to contact him for days afterwards, except from the odd text message. But, the novelty soon wore off. I was fed up of his laid-back attitude, because we could never decide what to do; in every relationship I think there should be at least one decisive partner, but we were both the "I don't mind" sort. I tried taking that role for a while, but I soon became uncomfortable with it because I don't like organising situations or people.

    I think the main problem was miscommunication. My Ne-powered humour only managed to provide wind power for the tumbleweeds blowing around whenever I made a comic remark, and his Se-powered talk just... failed to maintain my interest. He didn't seem stimulated by my topics of conversation, and I was bored to tears by his sensory pursuits (arcade games, video games...) Well, I enjoyed that day we took his dog for a walk. By all means, he was a decent guy. He told me after the relationship ended that he hated the coffee at the cafe we'd go to; he just enjoyed spending time with me and thought I liked it there. I just don't think he was what I was looking for... whatever that is. :S But yeah, I'd say ISFPs are great as friends, but maybe not for relationships? I don't know. Personally, I think there are many untype-related factors that come into play in these circumstances.
    Um, yeah.

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    I know of an ISFP female + INTP male relationship that I think is pretty unhealthy, largely because the INTP doesn't seem to respect and appreciate the ISFP. Of course, every couple is different.

    On a somewhat related note, I know an ISFJ female + INTP male couple that is happily married. I will say that the ISFJ does way more than her share of household and childcare responsibilities, but she honestly doesn't seem to mind (she's a very giving person) and he is the breadwinner after all so I think it works for them. (It is funny though how on the rare occasions when she leaves him at home with the kids and comes to visit us, he calls her cell a zillion times to ask how to respond to very simple household/childcare tasks, lol! He clearly depends on her a lot for those day-to-day activities that sensors excel at.)

    So, long story short, I think INTP + ISFx can work, maybe it works a little better with an ISFJ because the ISFJ's judgeriness is so beneficial to the INTP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azseroffs View Post
    In response to the ISTP/INFP thread

    I find ISFP quite refreshing. They are very nice and I have a lot of fun around them typically. The only problem I seem to have is that I feel like they can't keep up mentally. They usually don't seem to understand what I'm talking about. They make an effort and try to understand but are often unable to contribute. In order to really communicate I find myself making a lot of sarcastic jokes, and they just seem to laugh and smile at almost everything I say. I often feel like I'm not really getting through to them, but they still seem to enjoy my presence.

    Often times when they are talking about something I have little to say as well. Usually they'll talk about something they did in which cases i often find it funny. Almost like they purposefully put themselves into predicaments that could have easily been avoided. They seem to be aware of this though.

    Overall I enjoy the company of ISFPs. I feel comfortable in their presence, but often feel like we speak different languages since we have little to say about what the other speaks of. Funny thing is that we always have something to say regardless of this enigma. Kinda like we are both talking at each other rather than to each other. experience with isfp's is that they later tell me all about a conversation with someone such as an entj...they don't seem to have missed much...including how much the entj thought of themselves and how little the entj thought of the intelligence of the others in the group, lolololo...guess he was more right on than I knew. isfp's take in the content and the dynamics and much more, it seems to me...and attempt not to offend.

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