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    My ex husband is an ISTP.

    He is exceptionally mechanically inclined. He can fix/dismantle/reassemble anything. He can build repair anything.

    He is also an artist. However the art he creates is filled with lots of details, fine lines, precision. He detests modern art. He now is a tattoo artist, where he works with the art in a very kinesthetic, mechanically applied way. He also was into pinstriping for awhile as well and liked the idea of wroking with steel/welding at various times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bamboo View Post
    I believe that a situation, any situation, like the one right in front of you sitting at the computer, can voluntarily be "viewed as if it were art" and all of a sudden it becomes art, at least to you.

    Are ISTPs really artists? Depends on your def. of artist. But most say no.

    Are they supposed to be artists? No.
    oh okay. I just view art as anything you don't need.

    now that's something to mull around the old noggin

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    Don't know how much it'll bend til it breaks.

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    I'm very artistic but don't like to be called an artist, I don't look or act like one either. The art I create is very realistic and precise, no abstract, or modern art...I also do computer graphics.
    I went to art school, and I always felt like I don't belong I switched to economics...

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