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My ISTP friend is always taking things apart and putting them back together. Whenever a situation requires this of her, she gets all excited and focused. Hooray, she says, I have to figure this out! And often as not, she seems to deuce out a long-standing problem, that she will then articulate to everyone else at work; both the nature of the trouble, and how to avoid it.
Slightly off on a tangent but related.

Is that common for ISTPs to explain the whys of something to everybody without being asked? INTJs don't explain unless somebody else is "required" to know.

Te is "technical" in that it's quite procedural and works well to troubleshoot things step by step. Which is essentially what you've described except it's Ti driven in ISTP? Is there a difference between the two Ti and Te when it comes to troubleshooting? Or is the difference not so much in the process but what's done with it afterwards? (e.g. tell people about the trouble).