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    Quote Originally Posted by Armz View Post
    Okay guys, I recently came across this tread because I married a woman, after helping pay for some of her education, we got married, and 3 weeks into the marriage she cheated on me with som guy she met during those 3 or so weeks. It was so bad that she was snapchatting the guy between us having rounds of sex, did I mention she's an ESTP? I'm an ISTP and as her husband I obviously messaged the guy telling him not to speak to my wife again and he agreed when I messaged him but later they messaged each other again, now me and her are separated and she's with the guy telling me how she's ready to commit to him, I did so much for her, I payed part of her education, I moved cities away from my family, I postponed some examinations I needed to do to further my own education and she threw it all in my face. And up till now it feels like she doesn't care and she will never care, despite me describing how much I pitied her and cared for her, especially with her being an orphan I wanted to help her, but yeah, at first I wanted to kidnap the guy she's with and torture him then set him on fire but now thinking about that, as I'm already in the criminal database (for an offence as a child) I feel like I'm more likely to be caught. Lol I really wanna get revenge on her or just make her feel like shit and mess up her life the way she has disrupted mine, but I don't know what is best, I've come up with many ideas, maybe I could get your input.
    Sorry about that. I know wanting to get revenge. It's an overwhelming feeling...but try to give yourself some time and space away from her and him.

    Right now, you're running on pure emotion - not our strong points in terms of reacting. We can make more problems for ourselves. It might feel good initially but the "high" of it will wear off and it's even worse feeling after that because it almost feels like you betrayed yourself and let them 'control' you. Then you feel ashamed.

    I don't know. At least that is me.

    I would just shut them out completely. Write them off. Divorce. Fuck them. Move on unapologetically.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeno View Post
    Sounds like people are equating ESXP with sociopathy. I don't think that's wise.
    I think the OP with talking about a 'sociopathic' ESXP, I was responding to that with relative experience. This does not mean to say that I do not adore many ESFP's, ESTP's I generally don't get along with so well but I do find some that are pretty even keeled and I know they exist. So lets take a step back and re examine whats going on here. Any type can be sociopathic, ESXP's have a tendency towards it when very unhealthy likely due to their Se ness.
    "We knew he was someone who had a tragic flaw, that's where his greatness came from"

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    Well, if they're that sociopathic to begin with, it's admittedly gonna be hard to 'get back' at them since typical manipulation isn't gonna work.

    I guess beating the ever-loving sh!# out of them is out of the question? I could do it for you. *SHOT*

    Seriously, though, if there's an iota of humanity left in them, one way you could get back at them is make yourself more appealing to them (bolder makeup/clothing, more active lifestyle, more "fun-loving") and then when they show an interest, reject them and tell them how you're "better than [them] now" and "never needed [them] to begin with," and that they're "pathetic." ...Just make sure you're armed, though. ESxPs can have dangerously impulsive anger streaks, especially the psycho ones.

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