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Thread: ISTJ vs ISTP

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    Quote Originally Posted by poki View Post
    I have like 20 xbox 360 games and have never finished any of them. I get to the last level and then get bored of it.
    This sounds so much like me, except I only get through around 75% of the game.
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    I think I have been focusing on the wrong parts to distinguish ISTJ. Te and Fe can be so much alike from the outside. I hide who I am because I am different. Under the rough and tumble exterior I am extremely sensitive. I dont hide these feelings from myself, I hide them from everyone else. I dont get along very well with other men and you are most likely to find me around women. Growing up I was a mommies boy, I then hung out with my sister and I would always navigate toward my female cousins. I felt like I had to protect them. I felt like I had to protect others Fi. How many men do you know that really understand what the Bryan Adams song "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You" means and can actually feel it inside?

    Growing up I always had a dream that my mom was not happy, that she did not feel loved. There was always something wrong with her mouth in my dream and she couldnt talk. All I knew to say in the dream is that no matter what anyone else thinks I love you. I never understood this dream. I was talking to my mom tonight, I have never talked about my marriage before(she once told me that marriage problems cause us to focus on the bad so I kept it in), I told her how I felt inside and she just went quiet. She felt the exact same way as me.

    I spent umpteen billion hours at bingo, not because I liked it, but because my mom did and I liked to spend time with her. I would always find something to do though to have fun while I was there, if not she would figure something out for me to do.

    I hide alot of who I am because what I say causes hurt in those I love because it brings up things that they have supressed. I hide alot of what I have figured out about marriages and the problems because I understand the disconnect, but I have no way to fix it. How do you bring up the hurt when so many people around you are dominant or auxilary Fi and feel the exact same way as you do. I have no one to talk to about it because everyone I know is in a relationship.

    I can see a big difference between ISTP and ISTJ. My family is full of ISTJ men and it kills me to see Fi in pain and I cant do anything about it. These are the ones that will logically talk you into doing things ignoring how you feel, insisting its fun or the tool you should use. ISTP and ISTJ are both mechanics, but ISTP wants to fix feelings, ISTJ wants to fix the problem.

    What causes an ISTP to express his feelings? Fear of losing what has been missing for years.

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