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    ISFPs are so darn cool! They are one of the types that tend to relax me the most.

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    If you think I am wrong, think that..I am not going to change my mind. If you think there is some validity in what I say, well that is fine too..YOu are not here to all agree with me, BUT I did make you think a made you uncomfortable sometimes, didn't it? That was supposed to happen...In life, I have learned that most people tend to ride the white line, no questions, dont ask, don't ponder, not really challenge the status quo. WEll, us entp's have this need to question these things...
    I feel your need and I I KNOW this is an essential part of Being.
    Every person focuses on other sides when questioning issues, and I guess you've come to question the things some isfp's or other f's are vulnerable for (or aren't even aware of!!), yet this is not a bad thing at all. I've come to realize that persons are also mechanisms and are shaped and can be bent all the time and that there is no need for running and we are all able to comperehend each other if we try [which is one of the reasons I like mbti/socionics] ... and we're all supposed to be here.
    Maybe in return F's tend to question some of your Ne Ti ways and comment on the (lack of) ethical side of it ;-) LOL
    (just trying the give and return thing *another typical aspect as I've read*)

    I do believe that the things I mentioned are REAL, they just aren't the totality of isfp's....I dont' belive these are all isfp's, but they do represent tendencies. Lastly, and this is for the LAST TIME...type theory is on a continum...YOU can NEVER say that any type ALWAYS does somethign or ALWAYS does NOT do something.. More than a few times on this forum have i seen this type of reaction...All of you are being extremely unfair to both yourselves and other when you say that ALL INTJ's are such and such..The older I get the more I am sure that you must consider childhood, development, parents, schooling, geography, adolescence and beyond in order to truly assess an individual...all the uniqueness of an individual cannot be encapsulated by never will..
    Thanks for pointing that out, I needed to hear that. Because I really dislike generalizations myself.

    I guess it's good to say that there are all kinds of isfp's, just like there are all kinds of people, every individual sees things from their own point of view... but I must say, today some of the things you listed there, mister Pecan111, popped into my head again and they reminded me of some of my own personal weaknesses.

    I felt a bit insecure today due to some reason, and I noticed how I mostly tend to close myself off or not verbalize myself enough towards people, ESpecially these moments where I feel unsure about things... so when I'm rly insecure I feel like I kind of need a guiding pace or just some damn self assuredness and security :p luckily this has gone better lately. That's what I'm trying to create/have for myself in my life. And it does not require being dependent of other people, even though my emotions can be strong for them. I feel like it's been too much chaos for me with people sometimes =) =) all these emotions make me wanna cryy lol
    Sometimes I fear "I won't be loved (back)", which is a bad statement for; sometimes I fear people won't care the same way as I do. I have a very particular emotional way of caring and I can 'feel' people pretty well once I get to know them. It's hard for me to ignore the emotions I feel for them, and I hope I will get the same amount of Energy in return. I don't care in what form it comes, I just hope they will love me back in some way.
    If they don't... they're just not worth being friends with. or trustees. or...whatever,you get the picture.
    Some people are simply better kept on a distance, for my own emotional good (Is it a weakness to be vulnerable like this? maybe T's can answer to this), and I've learned it's important to draw a line between things and distinguish all kinds of relationships. So that I also 'know' "how much (not) to care".
    I'm trying to figure out some of the experiences I've had with this. ... *contemplates a bit*
    Can some of you guys relate or respond to this???

    Pecan, I agree (as you see) that what you've written does make me think. *Hooray, you have succeeded being an entp* :p

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    I can relate to closing off at times Skyline.

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    yea I feel very restricted sometimes compared to E's or something..

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    Another thing considering Pecan's post:
    I think it's possible to be an isfp without fear and with the capacity of standing up for themselves around other people...
    And such issues might also be related to immaturity , or feeling depressed , or something else.

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    Peace to all !!

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    I love my cousins .
    "Where can you flee? What road will you use to escape us? Our horses are swift, our arrows sharp, our swords like thunderbolts, our hearts as hard as the mountains, our soldiers as numerous as the sand. Fortresses will not detain us, nor arms stop us. Your prayers to God will not avail against us. We are not moved by tears nor touched by lamentations."

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    I never would have thought "unhateable" applied to ISFP, had I not read it in this thread!

    My friends wife and one of her friends are ISFP, and..

    -They don't get jokes
    -serious and unfun
    -scared of people, my friends wife (A) being the one able to confront her fears
    -gloomy view on life
    -avoidant of anything not specifically "sensitive"
    -often sensitive to the point of ludicrosity, attributing negative and harsh qualities to inanimate, neutral objects and those associated with them.. EXAMPLE: "his cloths have such an inconsiderate 'vibe' to them, he must be an inconsiderate person"
    -sometimes little more than just a living clothes hanger for their clothes
    -everything is about "vibe", "feel" and "look", world is about everything that "don't match" to the mood, style, feel, occasion, etc.. and every unmatching thing in the world is to be suffered in full

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    I love ISFPs.

    They're the only ones I can hug without them thinking I'm really trying to strangle them.

    So sweet.
    -Carefully taking sips from the Fire Hose of Knowledge

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    I can't find the post! What did Pecan even say, originally?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffster View Post
    pecan, it would take me awhile to go through that line by line (and I'm way too lazy ) but you certainly did hit on some of the negative traits I have seen in myself. Some of what you put there I don't think is at all specific to ISFPs and some things you pretty much said we can be either side of.

    I feel like I am a very approachable person and a likeable person, and somebody who will be open and honest with you and share of myself whatever you want me to. But I do realize that sometimes I expect another person to make an effort to get to know me when I don't always make that effort myself. I am getting better about this, asking questions of people and really listening and trying to understand people and not always expect them to be the ones that reach out to me. It is hard, though. I feel like most of my life I have always had to be the one to keep relationships going, that other people don't keep in touch with me, don't invite me to things, and assume I don't care about anything, even though I do care deeply.

    "-want to be liked and loved but won't risk intimately alot of the time"

    Yeah, that one jumped out at me, too. I think once you have been told by more than one person "I love you and I'll always be there for you" and then betrayed, it starts to become hard to trust people. When my parents were divorcing, they would tell me contradicting things where one of them had to be lying to me. It's a sucky realization when you are faced with knowing one or both of your parents, the people who are supposed to love you unconditionally, are lying to you. I guess I am hurt pretty easily, but I have learned to embrace the pain as well as the pleasure, because every feeling is just as valid and just as necessary to fully experience life.

    And all this reading about personality types in the last year has made me more aware than ever of my own flaws. I've found myself retroactively apologizing for not just myself but for other people of my type for acting the same childish unreasonable way sometimes. But I have to also give myself some credit for the efforts that I have made. I think I've become a better listener, and a better companion in general, because I am not just observing for my own amusement, but actually try to consciously learn from it.

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