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    Quote Originally Posted by happy puppy View Post
    Are you ISTPs very sensnitive to stimuli around you? Noises, bright garish colors, junk scattered everywhere, you know a typical enfp home?

    my ex was but I wasnt sure if it was a type thing or an individual thing.
    Absolutely, but all Ti dominant types can be.

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    I believe that's the idea of extraverted sensing. External stimuli easily grabs my attention so it depends what I'm trying to do. If I'm struggling to focus my attention on something like a conversation, then yea, it's frustrating so it's best done somewhere quiet.

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    i am hyper-attentive, but not sensitive. usually i am so aware of what's going on that very little surprises or distracts me. a lot of times it might seem like i am not paying attention, contrarily i pay close attention to almost everything... but after doing that for most of your life, you learn that most things should be outright ignored, so i often do. usually i wont even turn to look towards loud noises like an alarm or a crash unless i dont recognize them

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    I'm hypersensitive to stimuli when I'm not busy with another stuff (or reflections) where I'm totally immerged, in that case, I'm hypersensitive to just a few stimuli with I react like with alarms who signal me I've to do another thing, or there's an opportuniy for actionj or change. These stimulis are more and more. When I'm not busy, I'm hypersensitive to stimuly and easily excited by my environement, I'm very sensitive to unestheticism too.

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