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    My ESFP husband is so absurdly sensitive it's nuts. And I read things that say NFs are sensitive... He is WAY more sensitive than me.

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    That's basically just Fi for you... Fi hurts more easily. I've been meaning to look into the differences in how Fi works in a dominant (IxFP) versus an Fi auxiliary user (ExFP). Do Fi-dom's have more control over their outward Fi than Fi-aux?

    I know I'm just as emotional, if not more emotional and sensitive, than many of the ExFP's I know... but often less prone to outburts... especially angry ones (unless I'm dealing with someone having an outburt of their own--such as a moody F of some sort). But I definitely wear my heart on my sleeve, though I try to hide the fact that I do.
    "I don't know a perfect person.
    I only know flawed people who are still worth loving."
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