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    my ISTP ex is a tattoo artist, graphic designer and has amazinging artist capabilities.

    however he hates modern art and feels people who do it are useless and lack talent and would draw real stuff if they could.

    His art is amazing and imaginative, sometimes surreal, but filled with so much detail-little lines and shading, texture, tiny bits of stuff, that sometimes I cant figure out what it is. It's TOO much detail.

    he liked to pinstripe cars for awhile and wanted to take up welding and build old cars. He can fix anything. seriously, no exageration.

    Tatooing is really his niche as it combines the art with a very hands on application.

    I have found a fair number of ISTJ men who do beautiful woodworking though.

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    I am an artist sometimes, artistic usually, and I have created works of art but I don't think that I do it enough... sometimes I take a nap instead of writing a song, for instance.

    I don't mind the term "artist" but for some reason "creator" bothers me SO MUCH. It sounds super wish-washy to me.

    My ISFJ boyfriend actually is the best songwriter I've ever met. So brilliant. His music is really enjoyable, super catchy, beautiful, wonderfully arranged, etc. He plays all kinds of instruments. He seems like an ISFX because of this but is ISFJ all the way in general. Interesting. I totally second-guessed ISFJs in the past and now feel guilty for it...


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