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    Quote Originally Posted by PinkPiranha View Post
    Oh dear...
    And that's a bad thing because of what exactly?

    "They the type of cats who pollute the whole shoreline. Have it purified. Sell it for a $1.25"

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    Quote Originally Posted by kendoiwan View Post
    And that's a bad thing because of what exactly?
    Hahah, not bad. No, not bad, just being caught in the crosshairs of an ISTP on a mission can be a wild place to be. They seem so bullet-proof.

    I say 'oh dear' because it explains some things that happened to me with ISTPs, confirmed what I'd sensed in a primal way and denied or second-guessed when I should let myself rely on my instincts.

    I'm the shadow of a very powerful entity. My ISTP best friend used to say that I was all fire and solar flare. He was chill. Two sides of the same coin. Flip once, you get perhaps the most engineered of all the types for conquest. Flip again, you have a volcanic drive to bridle the cosmic.

    Like my sister said - "The flip side of you must a scary son of a gun." lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by millerm277 View Post
    My "likes" can (although generally don't), change quickly and doesn't necessarily mean much, except that I have some attraction to someone at that moment in time.

    "Love" on the other hand, is not something that does that, and isn't something I throw around lightly. If I tell someone I love them, I do mean it and it isn't something that changes quickly. Other than that, I can't really put my finger on what specifically causes me to "fall in love", except that it isn't one thing. I can't say that there's one trait or thing someone's done or whatever, it's a long buildup of many of them.
    yeah, this.

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