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    Quote Originally Posted by "?" View Post
    This is off topic and honestly I did not want to start a thread on it, but I was on another forum where someone brought up the topic of being in a relationship with a 27 year old male ISTP for two months. The person had been somewhat reluctant to reveal too much about the relationship until yesterday, they stated that they were 29 and the ISTP had been hesitant to ďmake outĒ with them since it would lead to sex. The person said the ISTP confided that he had to be emotionally invested in the relationship because he had been burned in the past. This made absolutely no sense to me that a 27 year male, regardless of type, would forgo getting sex. However Ti dominant types want sex especially at 27.

    I confronted the poster that they were being less than candid in telling the forum what was occurring in the relationship and then gave my usual caveat of not claiming what the other personís type was, but I was sure they were not ISTP. The ENTP poster finally came clean with the forum and admitted to being a male. I instantly replied that the other person was not ISTP. I did not reply because of homophobia (since I could care less), but I canít see STP types getting into same sex relationships. Granted a male ESTP may get wild and end up in a threesome, including another male, but in general I cannot see ISTPs doing this. Am I wrong? Does type have anything to do with sexual preferences unless you live in a culture that supports it?
    What do you mean by this? I'm confused, and am honestly asking, because I could be misinterpreting your words.

    I think you have the wrong idea about people who attracted to others of the same gender. It's a characteristic, but not the only defining one in a person, and it certainly isn't limited to people of certain personalities!

    What you are confusing for "personality" in certain subcultures is really different ways of expression in different subcultures. In some places you shake hands. Some places you're expected to talk loudly, some places you're expected to speak softly and in turn- these are the cultural "rules" of a place which guide the expression of personality. So if you see briefly another culture where everyone speaks loudly and interrupts each other all the time, you make interpret that from within the mindset of the rules of your own culture- that everyone in this culture has a very "rude" personality. But if you were more familiar with the culture, you would then be able to pick up what was actually "rude"... and what is not.

    In short, sexual orientation =/ personality.

    It is too limiting to say, "ABCD is not this- ABCD is that. ABCD does k- ABCD does not do y." If personality typing was about outward behavior, they could make an achievement test for it. Testable experimentation on completing a task. It's not about outward behavior- the tests are self-report. It's about interpretation.

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    The two men in my life I have felt the most strongly for were ISTPs. I appreciate their simplicity and love the sensuousness, love that they are good with their hands. Most love to drive. Communicating is uncomplicated, and life is good. They're okay with silence. And the sexual sparks, amazing. Too bad they both ended up with ESFX wives (both relationships now on the rocks). Seems to me most ISTPs get snapped up pretty quickly. I almost had affairs with both but I had to step away, mainly because they had kids and because I knew I'd end up falling deep for them. So, if you come across an ISFP, just say 'hello'... it's that easy.

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