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    Quote Originally Posted by Manimal View Post
    ..? LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lukepd View Post
    K it's not spam or off-topic. It just seemed like a funny/strange thing for them to say.

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    Why are you contradicting the thread title with your own type?, im assuming it was typo of sorts, so im going to answer the question inquired in the title.

    An esfp-esfp relationship could easily work, due to the similar mental functions and provided that there is enough common-ground, acting as supporting pillars for the hole relationship. However as with all predominantly extraverted sensors (ESxP's), once he has he has exhausted the source of input, as to say once he has experience everything you have to offer in the relationship, he will leave out of boredom and lack of new sensation/input, esp relationships are mostly driven by experience/sensations and short duration endeavors, it's no not really surprising that they move on from relationship's and have an off and on approach to there partners, a relationship with an esxp is most likely only to endure a short period. However two Well developed ESFP's that are commited to a long-lasting bond will try extremely hard to make it all work, and will likely suceed unless the situation is near-dead hopeless. But if it is as you say,that he is infatuated by you, then it's likely that it would last longer due to the alternative drive playing in as a factor, love would override the will of the extraverted sensing. Hopefully this answer will be sufficient enough to answer the question.
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