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    Default hey wow hi im an esfp

    holy shit hey guys so like i'm an extroverted mbti type and like i got esfp a few times and it actually clicks so much i'm so happy wow, i've been away for so long -- i moved out and on with my life and i have a big friend group and always have people to talk to. it's amazing. sometimes shit gets me down, but then i feel okay again i guess somehow???? !!!!!

    much luv guize xoxo

    ps: does this change my socionics and my enneagram?
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    Hi!! Congratulations on finding a type u relate to!!!! YAYYYYY!!!

    As for how that affects your other types, I have to say that I'm not that knowledgeable on socionics /Enneagram, so I don't feel I can provide any true insights on that, but revisiting the theories with that new perspective you gained might be a good idea.

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