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    Default ISTP Ti dominant, using logic to build an understanding.

    Hi ISTPs. How do you use Ti? How do you build your logical frameworks? What is the process, where do you find the pieces to the things you put together? How do you define things, how do you fill your categories and put the pieces together to build the logical structures you have? If you don't mind please go into detail about this and give some examples, thank you.

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    Based on fixing computer issues:
    1) Check what is an issue about. What really happened? Ask user. Observe it in the system. Is that incorrect or only user says it is? When it happened? Did it happened once or multiplt times? For one or more users. Is that important issue or should be ignored (any risk involved or just inconvenience) etc.
    2) Gather data. First listen, then think. Example: Never start analysis of the system problem without checking out all possible impacting factors including user action, authomatic processes, performance issues, setup, non standard developements, starndard changes etc. Even if you think you know the reason behing error- check all the data. Otherwise your analysis may be based on opinions, not facts
    3)Did I see this kind of issue before? If yes assume this is the reason behind but still pass to point 4 as you cannot be sure. If not- pass to point 4.
    4) Analyse if the factor really could have anything to do with the issue (f.ex timing of the issue versus timing of other occurances, functional interconnections etc.). Is it possible that issue was caused by 1 factor only or maybe a combiunation must have occured? If the point 4 autcome proves your outcome of point 3- fix. If not - check what was different and continue to search for rationale. If you are stuck - go to point 5
    5) Check in the web if there is any help available from other experts (articles etc.) Verify if they make sence.
    6) If not or you did not find anything usefull - ask if any of known collegues could know solution. Verify if their point of view makes sence. If they do not - tell them. If the advice was bloody stupid- do not ask them again.

    I'm not going to give you answer on "how do you fill your categories and put the pieces together to build the logical structures you have?". What this question even means? I could answer but please be precise or give examples of what you mean (2 at least).
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