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    Default Anyone notice other ESTJs with all-around weak functions?

    I am an ESTJ, and I know other ESTJs who quote, 'fit the bill' of how ESTJs commonly function. I work in sales and there's a good amount of ESTJs I get to work with. We get along great as coworkers, but there are some ESTJs who, I feel, just don't have strong functions all around. Maybe their dominant functions type them as ESTJ but their functions are still too weak. For example, I know one ESTJ who I'll call Bob. Bob is definitely an extrovert but he lacks Ne, Ni, Si, SE, Fi, Fe, Ti, Pi, Pe, and Ji. Again, he has dominant functions, just as everyone does, but for whatever reason they are not developed much at all. Now there could be neurological explanations for it, or maybe Bob just didn't have the right kind of environment growing up and experiences to develop himself, but when I notice individuals like BOB, it seems more common to me that these people test as ESTJ or ISTJ. I have no solid theories as to why. It could very well be that I pick up on weak ESTJs more than other personality types. But it makes me think about how most tests work relating to MBTI. It's an 'either or' test most often made to only identify what is most likely to be your dominant function, never really able to measure the strength of said function. I also think about myself. Entering into my early 20's I definitely had weaker functions, mainly my lesser functions like Fi, Fe, and Ne. I put in effort to work on and develop those functions because I don't like the idea of myself having weaknesses. But what makes someone not want to develop themselves at all? It's funny because Bob annoys the shit out of me because he's so inefficient but he could not give less Fs about it. He's completely content with being mediocre.

    Just some thoughts I had. Curious of other's thoughts.

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    Most of us use our lower functions weakly when we're younger and some people remain underdeveloped when they are older. You see this phenomenon with ESTJs because they are a common type, so there will be more bad ones just as well as there will be more good ones. You'll see the same pattern with ESFJs where everyone has an unhealthy XSFJ story, but that's because they're a common type, not because they are all actually unhealthy.

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