Hi fellas, I'm going to ask a quick dumb question.

Basically, I, a fellow ENTP, dated some ESFJ woman some time ago, basically I went into a hidden depression and everything crumbled, I ended our relation to save her feelings ( some NT logic), then tried to get her back and failed (failed alot).

I decided to stop after X events, worked on myself, now feels perfect and in harmony, but I really miss her, she somehow still is my sun.
I wrote her a letter two months ago saying she basically changed my life for the better, we are "in good terms" again, and she apparently is dating someone else.
Even if she is still displaying alot of hidden "interest" towards me with common friends and jealousy towards girls I'm seeing.

I wanted to know if you ever experienced something like this and advices to "break" the shell that the situation has created between us.