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    Well I don't know if it has anything to do with type because I can be in the house doing nothing for 2 days before I have to get out.

    I NEVER fuss at restaurants. If my order is wrong I usually let it go, unless its something I really just can't eat. Or I've been charged the wrong amount.

    Driving doesn't make me impatient. I have no road rage

    Except, I get excited about the smallest things. I'm very excitable. Also, I might be pretty impatient, like if a movie, or CD or something is coming out...I gotta have it like RIGHT NOW. Or if I ask someone a question, and they don't answer right then I get a little agitated. Those are probably type differences...

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    I am almost never bored. The only times I'm bored are the times when I know what I should be doing, and I don't want to do it. My brain kind of blocks out all other options, and when I try to do something else besides the thing that really needs doing, I'm not satisfied. That kind of conflict is pretty much the only thing that can ever make me bored.

    I'm also never bored when I'm in line. I occupy myself by getting lost in my thoughts. And I also get mad when things don't go as planned at restaurants. This is because 1. I get hungry when the food doesn't come on time, and 2. why can't people just do things CORRECTLY?

    I think it's an SJ thing to always be thinking "What needs to be done?" and then to do it (or to want to do it, or to think they could do it better), no matter what the situation.
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    Huh. I get impatient but don't show it. I'm not usually bored, though, I'm prone to spacing out into my own little world if nothing amusing is going on. That's seems kind of contradictory, though, now that I think about it. Weird.

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