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    How odd.
    I'm imaginative! In the sense of imagining narratives and scenarios... Until life took over I used to write many a short story and play - I actually got one of them performed in a school assembly! I've been too busy studying for the past 7 years of my life to engage in much creativity; it all comes out when I sleep though, in my vivid dreams and nightmares. I love them all. A new story every night

    Having said that, I can do art but it's not something I'd make time to do at the moment, and I'm hopeless with creating or playing music. Love listening to it, which picks up on what people have said about appreciating others' creativity and possibly adapting it.

    Does being analytical count as being creative?? It's creative use of thought, surely? I've always been told I'm analytical, but again, it's the whole idea of thinking of many scenarios...

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    hrm, well I make music and am majoring in studio art.

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    Warm8, Shadow, that's pretty cool.
    You can't spell "justice" without ISTJ.

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    I love creative activities like dancing, playing instruments, theater, etc. However, I have no creativity whatsoever. I may have had some when I was little, but not any more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cimarron View Post
    This came up somewhere else on the forum, so I thought I'd focus on it.

    Is there anybody else here who knows and admits (has come to terms with) lacking creativity and originality? From personal experience, I know I'm horrible at coming up with new ideas, but love picking apart other people's ideas. If you want an optimistic note, I think of it as being the gardener who trims the hedges, as opposed to the one planting them.

    So is it just me?
    Dude. You're describing me to a 'T'. I can see the faults in mine and other's ideas. An admittedly useful skill, but I suck at coming up with something original. I need an instruction manual to tell me what to do. For that reason and the fact I have little confidence in my own decisions without external approval. That got a little off topic, but I hope it helped.

    EDIT: Seeing the post at the top of the screen made me want to clarify. I have a good imagination, maybe even a fantastic one, but that doesn't translate to real life useful skills unfortunately.

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