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    Some of the SJs in my family (ISTJ, ESTJ) love to research and debate the hell out of things, but it's generally to confirm their beliefs or the established way of doing things. In other words, they'll uncover fact after fact to support their argument, but are not inclined to take new or contrary opinions into consideration. (Although the ESTJ is more likely to do so than the ISTJ.)

    As opposed to me, who is open to other ideas and possibilities, so I will consider both the new and the old with equal weight. I think in this way I am more intellectually curious, while their command of extraverted thinking may make them appear more intellectual, not to mention enable them to succeed more adroitly in the traditional 'intellectual' pursuits.

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    The SJs in my family enjoy information a lot. They are all avid readers and like to learn. They love history and culture. They like to be knowledgeable in a variety of topics. They are not interested in analyzing though (which can bug me, as I am sure my analyzing bugs them).

    They do find a comfort in what is familiar, but they also don't want to be the last one to miss out on the latest and greatest, so that keeps them out of a rut. They're not inclined to be interested in psychology or philosophy or theories/concepts in general though. They only pay them attention when they can apply them in their life (ie. they know someone with an emotional disorder, so they read up on it).
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