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    THanks for the warning. My ISTJ verbalizes his jealousy more so than acts out on it. He questions and asks who everyone is, if i say i'm going to a party with a friend. "Which friend?" - "max". "Who's max? Has max hit on you?"
    But in the end he lets it go relatively easily and i hang out with my guy friends. I wonder how that will evolve over time, if we stay together longer. (Its been about six months now).
    I mainly just have a problem asserting my needs. As an E, i thought that perhaps assertiveness would come easily to me, along with other E qualities like outgoing, attention loving. But when he speaks up, i can't open my mouth.. i'm so afraid i'll offend him and he'll scowl at me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by defragmybrain View Post
    But when he speaks up, i can't open my mouth.. i'm so afraid i'll offend him and he'll scowl at me.
    i don't think you need worry about offending an istj. i'm not sure it's possible. haha. i'm being facetious, of course, but they are pretty stubborn and dogmatic about what they believe. as for the scowling, i know what you mean. mine doesn't scowl much, but he has these little things he does with his face, like, tighten his lips up minutely, so i know immediately he hasn't agreed with or liked what i said, even if he doesn't say anything.
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