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    Quote Originally Posted by Shimpei View Post
    1. rigid people!
    2. judgemental people!
    3. naive people (never looking behind the meaning of words)!
    i would say rigid and judgemental, but not naive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edgar View Post
    Top 4 reasons why SJs suck:

    1. ISFJ
    2. ESFJ
    3. ESTJ
    4. ISTJ

    I love these threads. Spread the hate. Merry Christmas!
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    1. There are too many

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    The one and only reason:

    1. All your spontaneity are belong to me.

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    Hm.. I know a lot of SJs, but it's hard to lump them together. To me, there is a large difference in the flaws of STJs and SFJs, because they are pretty different.

    - Can be a bit naive when it comes to their introverted feeling function. They are almost worse than me when it comes to taking any slight as something that means I'm mad at them.. and anytime my little "P" forgets to tell them something, they can think it's that I'm intentionally excluding them, which I didn't do!

    - Can be a bit blunt sometimes.. but sometimes, especially when they like you, they aren't blunt enough - they'll just omit the things they don't like. Again, it might just be the ones I know, but a lot of the STJs in my life are actually PRETTY OBSESSED with making people like them... and their inferior functions are actually what annoy me. Maybe I'm projecting my bad qualities onto them.

    - ISFJs: NEVER TAKE CREDIT FOR ANYTHING EVER. EVER. I feel so bad when they do something amazing and then just play it down like it's nothing. Maybe the ones I know are really P's, but they're so nice and then they just act like they're not.

    They get stressed out more easily than most too.. Introverted Sensing doesn't seem like a fun leading function... if Si gets derailed, then Fe will let everyone know about it by sulking. Te usually just gets really critical of others, but they don't sulk. I can take someone being a bit of a jerk, but ISFJs tend to go into a shell and just act angry, and I start to wonder if it's my fault.

    ESFJs: Very bad tendency to backstab. I have an ESFJ mother, and she has an awful tendency to be two-faced with family members. I try to hint it to her sometimes, but she doesn't pick up on it.

    Plus the stress thing. Agh. My mom cusses like a sailor when she's stressed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonks View Post
    1. control-freaks
    2. ridiculous work ethic, always busy-busy-busy, even if unnessecary
    3. control freaks
    4. think everyone else (non-SJ) is lazy
    5. did I mention control freak yet?
    this thread is hilarious. especially, "think everyone else (non-SJ) is lazy."
    Melisa Rhiane

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    1. boring
    2. ignorant
    2. repetitive

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    Quote Originally Posted by Helfeather View Post
    1. They have difficult coming up w/ original ideas.

    2. They usually do poorly on standardized testing.

    3. Too much emphasis on how things should be.
    I would disagree with 1 and 2 (they're too busy studying to do poorly on tests), but aren't that creative in the arts (but are in math and science). I don't know, maybe that's just my boyfriend, a classic ESTJ. But on 3, you are right!
    Melisa Rhiane

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    Quote Originally Posted by MelisaRhiane View Post
    this thread is hilarious. especially, "think everyone else (non-SJ) is lazy."
    Maybe when I'm at home and relaxing. But I make SJs look bad at work. They admire my work ethic and it's probably the only reason I get along with some of them.

    In contrast, NT think everyone else (non-NT) is inefficient.

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    I always pwn SJs in everything. They are so predictable.

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